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  • Aladdin performance to entertain Evanston

    The Evanston Childrens Theatre is gearing up for a presentation of Aladdin Jr next weekend, being together all the kids favorite Disney characters including Jasmine, Aladdin, Jafar, Iago, and the Genie.

  • Time to get hands-on in Evanston

    The Hands-On Activities Day is offering a way for the entire family to spend some quality time together while learning how to do various activities and create crafts tomorrow. Suitable for people of all ages, it might be particularly useful for youngsters who fancy themselves as artists and might go on to a career with a graphic design or professional print company one day.

  • Nutcracker given icy twist in Evanston

    A holiday classic is being performed this weekend by the Robert Crown Center competitive figure skaters and the ice-skating school students, and provides family, friends, and neighbors with a chance to come out and enjoy a delightful ice performance of The Nutcracker. Poster printing and other promotional products may have been used to spread the word about this holiday program to people in this community and the surrounding district.

  • Neverending fun in store in Evanston

    The Neverending Story is being presented by the Evanston Childrens Theatre later this week and is a great story for the entire family, although it is aimed at children between the ages of eight through to the eighth grade. No doubt local printing companies have been used to share this information with the childrens parents in the area.

  • Evanston to get a pizza the action

    Pizza Fest is on its way to the area next week, and is an all-you-can-eat benefit that challenges people to come out and eat as much of the Italian treat as they can for a good cause. Banner printing may have been used to advertise and promote this unique festival to people in this community, as well as people living in the surrounding regions.

  • Hispanic hysteria set for weekend kickoff

    Locals can join the City of Evanston as it kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with a great big party, featuring an assortment of events focusing on Hispanic Culture.

  • Slam-dunking moving at dusk this weekend

    Love and Basketball will become the latest movie to be shown in the Starlight Movie Series, offering an evening out and some action packed family entertainment. This movie will be shown at dusk and poster printing, brochure printing, and flyer printing might have been used to advertise to people in the area fond of a film.

  • Evanston in for a global July

    This months Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival will comes alive from lunch hour to early evening with two stages, featuring music from around the world and various styles of dance over the course of a weekend.

  • Hatred awareness race reaches 14th anniversary

    Now celebrating its 14th year, the Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race against Hate is giving families another chance to come out and support a great cause.

  • Evanston dog owners to strut their stuff

    Strut for Strays is an annual event during which dogs and their owners walk for three miles to raise funds to care for hundreds of animals and to find homes for those that need a loving family.